bruno groening
bruno groening
Bruno Gröning (1906-1959)
Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path Through the Teaching of Bruno Gröning
– Medically verifiable –


A Selection of Five Success Reports

Gerda Schemann, (73)
Healing from Angina Pectoris
Since 1998 I suffered increasingly from heart pain, constriction in my chest and shortness of breath under physical strain. I was diagnosed with Angina Pectoris. Nitro-glycerin spray helped with attacks. In the middle of 2006 I found out about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since the beginning of 2008 I have been free from heart pain and shortness of breath. I can even go hiking in the mountains. Rosa Zenel, (43) Healing from life-long Depression Even as a child I was depressed. Later I had anxieties and panic attacks. Various medication and clinical therapies brought temporary relief only. In the end I saw only one way out: suicide. Several days before I planned to kill myself, in July of 2007, I heard about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since then all of the torturing depression, anxiety, and panic attacks have disappeared. I have found joy in life and inner peace.

Constantin Riedl, (41)
Healing from Asthma and Numerous Allergies
For 25 years I suffered from severe hay-fever. I also had allergic reactions to animal hair, nuts, and dust. I was accompanied all those years by an itchy eczema and severe attacks of shortness of breath. My doctor, a lung-specialist, diagnosed allergic asthma and prescribed sprays and tablets. Since October, 2005, I have followed the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since April, 2006, I have been completely healthy. The allergies and asthma disappeared overnight. I can live freely again.

Jutta Surau, (52)
Healing from Decades of Migraine Attacks
For over 35 years I suffered from severe headaches 2-3 times a week. The pain lasted about 6 hours and was accompanied by nausea. My family doctor diagnosed migraines. In June, 2005, I found out about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since October of 2005 I have been free after decades of headaches.

Jorge Cabeza, (54)
Chronic Back Pain after a Herniated Intervertebral Disk
I suffered from constant back pain since 1997. I was diagnosed with several herniated disks and degeneration of the lumbar spine. Analgesic tablets and injections afforded only temporary relief. I wore an orthopedic corset. In April, 2005, I found out about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Since June of 2006 all the pain has disappeared. For the first time after many years I can do all my work without any pain.

A simple, natural, cost-free way, verified by physicians.
With the growing awareness of holistic medicine, the possibility for healing on the spiritual path is finding increasing attention, even in professional circles. One name keeps popping up: Bruno Gröning (1906-1959). During the fifties he sparked interest from the public around the world through extraordinary healing successes and he left behind the knowledge about how to take in a spiritual healing power, the “Heilstrom”. Healings occur today as back then, even of incurable diseases. Numerous medically documented success reports demonstrate the current effects of his teaching.

The Teaching of Bruno Gröning
For thousands of years, the existence of a higher force that can help and heal has been talked about in all of the highly developed cultures of humanity. Bruno Gröning
called this force “Heilstrom” and showed the people how to absorb it into themselves. “Belief in the good is just as much a prerequisite to becoming healthy as the will to do so.” According to his words, there is no incurable illness. He always urged people to convince themselves of this truth.

Help with Addiction Disorders
Numerous success reports also demonstrate that long-lasting healings of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as other addictions, are possible on the spiritual path. It is not just about the abatement of symptoms, but rather about being freed from the inner causes of addiction.

Healings are Medically Verified
The Medical Scientific Group (MWF) is an international association of several thousand physicians and members of other health care professions from over 70 countries. Since 1992, they have been examining healings and help received on the spiritual path through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Success reports are scientifically verified and documented based on the results of medical examinations from independent physicians. An extensive archive has been collated confirming this work. In order to help sick and needy people worldwide with this knowledge, the Medical Scientific Group (MWF) shares its experiences through publications, regular lectures at home and abroad, as well as at professional conferences with colleagues and interested people, all given free of charge.

Recommended Reading:
Bruno Gröning - A Revolution in Medicine Medical Documentation by Dr. Matthias Kamp ISBN 978-3-933344-63-2 ˇ
Here you will find valuable information about Bruno Gröning, his teaching, the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, and the Medical Scientific Group (MWF) as well as over 200 success reports.

The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends
The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends is one of the largest associations for healing on the spiritual path worldwide. Here it is possible for interested people seeking help to learn to take in the Heilstrom without cost. Often amazing healings happen, even of long-standing organic ailments. Already during his lifetime, Bruno Gröning set up local communities. Today they exist on all continents of the earth. It is here that the Bruno Gröning friends meet to absorb the healing force together and to tell of their experiences and healings. Everyone is free to join the Circle of Friends, as well as to leave it. There are no financial or legal obligations of any kind. All expenses are paid for exclusively through voluntary donations. Just as by Bruno Gröning back then, we give no medical advice, and no exams or treatments are performed, and nobody is advised against seeing a doctor or seeking medical care.

Young People in the Circle of Friends
Worldwide in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends young people meet in youth communities. The teaching of Bruno Gröning assists them in confidently mastering their lives with success. Through absorption of the healing force, illnesses such as anxiety, depression, allergies and many others disappear, as well as difficulties in school, university and professional life. Joy in life and self-confidence become firm values in life again.

Documentary Film “The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning”
The film openly, objectively, and sensitively highlights the individual phases of Bruno Gröning’s life and work. Original film and sound recordings, archival material, extensive re-enactment scenes, and more than 50 interviews with contemporary witnesses are included. The reports of contemporary witnesses about help and healings experienced make the film an impressive experience.

Healing also during the Film
Audience members report how, while watching the film, they felt strength, tingling and streaming in their bodies. Some report about the disappearance of
pain and problems.
Erika Kappler (63): For 8 years I suffered day and night from severe shoulder pain. In the end I couldn’t lift my arm anymore or carry anything. My doctor spoke about chronic inflammation of the shoulder. Medication brought only minimal relief. After my
visit to the documentary film, all the pain was simply gone! Today I can carry heavy boxes and even chop wood without pain.

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