munkh tengriin eviin chuulgMunhk tengriin eviin chuulgan
Oil on canvas
conjugation of heaven and water
Conjugation of heaven and water
Oil on canvas

morningMorning, Oil on canvas
dont want let you go
Dont want let you go 2010
Oil on canvas 179 x 160 cm
Orhon, Oil on canvas
Evening, Oil on canvas
blue horses
Blue horses, Oil on canvas
Alungua, Oil on canvas
eej hairhan
Eej khairhan 2010, Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
epic of moon night

Epic of moon night 2009
Oil on canvas 160 x 180 cm
mother land
Mother land, Oil on canvas
camel caravan -2
Camel caravan 2, Oil on canvas
caravan of life
Caravan of life 2009, Oil on canvas 53x72.7cm

caravan of silk road 2
Caravan of silk road 2 2009, Oil on canvas 53x72.7cm
Division, Oil on canvas
Enhktaivan, Oil on canvas
Hunters, 2008, Oil on canvas 110x140cm
ih nuudel
Ih nuudel 2000, Mixed media 200x300cm

Mirage, Oil on canvas
mirage of gobi
Mirage of Gobi, Oil on canvas
munhiin erel
Munkiin erel 2008, Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm
Pianist, 2009, Mixed media 100x200cm

Tsegmed Tserennadmid (mong. Цэрэннадмидын Цэгмэд)
Text in German

The understanding that the human and society are one of the smallest components of the Universe was created in my mind many years ago. Mongolia has its great specific.

 I like to travel to the Mongolian steppe, mountain ridges and great Gobi and to see how nature’s beauty combines with the simple travelling cattle-breeders’ existence. In another word, I like nature very much.

 Up to now, as Mongolia was socialist country, its deep influence of ideology has closed people’s free thinking. I’m satisfied that now this situation has already finished and every painter can express his opinion.

 I think that the goals of my artwork should be oriented to the combination of nature, human and animal life’s connections, their meaning or sense and all abstract conceptions.

 One of the important factors which is influencing my artwork is Buddist philosophy and its doctrines. Mongolians have been respecting Budda for many hundred years. That’s why Mongolians have being deeply connected with it.

 Also my many years of studying European art technique and methods influences my activity.

 My work usually consists of the themes of space, natural phenomena, water, air, ladies’ figure, animals, dog, Mongolian ancient life style, symbols, etc.

Artist, Painter
living and  working in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tsegmed Tserennadmid

1958 born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


1978 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

1985 Surikov Academy of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia  

Work Experience:

1985 Teacher, College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1989 Principal, College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1991 Rector, Institute of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1996 President, University of the art and culture, Ulaanbaatar

since 1998 freelance artist

since 2004  President, Mongolian Fine Art Academy


1992 UMA prize (Union of Mongolian Artists)

1993 "leading artist" Ministry of Culture

1994 "leading artist" The Union of Mongolian Artists

1995 The Best Painter of The Year, Ministry of Culture

1996 State Prize of Mongolia

2000 " Orhon" is one of the Asian top 50 Works in 20-th century by criteria of Fukuoka's Museum

Selected Exhibitions:

1989, 1994 Fukuoka Art Show, Japan

1989 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

1992-2001 "Oron Zai " exhibition, Ulaanbaatar

1995-1998  Joint exhibition of Korean and Mongolian artists, Ulaanbaatar

1995 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

1996 "Aqua Asia" Exhibition Osaka, Japan

1998, 2002 One-man show Osaka, Japan

1999 One-man show Orem, Utah, USA

2000 "Large Nomad" One-man show Istanbul, Turkey

2000, 2001 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Khatan Erdene" exhibition, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Nomad" one-man show,  Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Nomad color " one-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2002 "Nomad" one-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2002 "Contemporary Art 2000" Paris, France

2002 "Tamga" exhibition Redon, France

2003 "Large nomad" one man show, Ulaanbaatar

2004 "Wind of Step" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2005 One-man show, Freiburg i.Br., Berlin, Germany

2005 exhibition of Mongolian and Japanese artists, Ulaanbaatar

2006 exhibition of private Collection "Khaan Bank", Ulaanbaatar

2006 "Mongolian Art" exhibition, Pouance, France

2006 "Mongolian Art" exhibition, Barcelona, Italy

2007 exhibition of Mongolian artists in Provence, France

2008 exhibition of Mongolian artists in Paris, France

2009 ''Life'' One man show, Ulaanbaatar

2009 co-exhibition with Do.Bold in Le Mans, France


Text in German
Tsegmed Tserennadmid (mong. Цэрэннадмидын Цэгмэд)

Geboren 1958 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolei


1978 Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolei

1985 SURIKOW Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Moskau, Russland


1985 Dozent, Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Ulaanbaatar

1989 Principal, Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Ulaanbaatar

1991 Rektor, Institut für Bildende Kunst, Ulaanbaatar

1996 Präsident der Universität der Kunst und Kultur, Ulaanbaatar

seit 1998 freischaffender Künstler

seit 2004 Präsident, mongolischen Akademie der Schönen Künste


1992 UMA Preis (Union of Mongolian Artists)

1993 "Führende Künstler" Ministerium für Kultur, Mongolei

1994 "Führende Künstler:" Die Union der mongolischen Künstler (Union of Mongolian Artists)

1995 Der beste Kunstmaler des Jahres, Ministerium für Kultur, Mongolei

1996 Staatliche Preis für Künstler, Mongolei

2000 "Orhon" ist einer der asiatischen Top 50 Werke in 20-Jahrhundert von Kriterien von Fukuoka's Museum

Ausstellungen: (Auswahl)

1989, 1994 Fukuoka Art Show, Japan

1989 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

1992-2001 "Oron Zai"-Ausstellung, Ulaanbaatar

1995-1998 Gruppenausstellung der koreanischen und mongolischen Künstler, Ulaanbaatar

1995 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

1996 "Aqua Asien" Ausstellung Osaka, Japan

1998, 2002 One-man show, Osaka, Japan

1999 One-man show, Orem, Utah, USA

2000 "Large Nomad" One-man show, Istanbul, Türkei

2000, 2001 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Khatan Erdene"-Ausstellung, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Nomad" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "Nomad Farbe" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2002 "Nomad" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2002 "Contemporary Art 2000" Paris, Frankreich

2002 "Tamga" Ausstellung, Redon, Frankreich

2003  "Large nomad" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2004 "Wind of Step" One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2005 One-man show, Freiburg i.Br., Berlin, Deutschland

2005 Ausstellung der mongolischen und japanischen Künstlern, Ulaanbaatar

2006 Ausstellung der privaten Sammlung "Khaan Bank", Ulaanbaatar

2006 "Mongolische Kunst" Ausstellung Pouance, Frankreich

2006 "Mongolische Kunst" Ausstellung, Barcelona, Italien

2007 Ausstellung der mongolischen Künstler in der Provence, Frankreich

2008 Ausstellung der mongolischen Künstlern in Paris, Frankreich

2009 ''Life'' One-man show, Ulaanbaatar

2009 Co-Ausstellung mit Do.Bold in Le Mans, Frankreich


Mongolian Art