mongol art gallery berlin germany'ZURAG' film original  in German 2010 Berlin

'ZURAG' film in the Mongolian national television, 2011 Ulan Bator
(Original record from the MNB broadcast)
The Secret History of the Mongols
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Deutsch - Zweites Kapitel: Tschingis Chaans Jugend
English - 
Second Chapter: Genghis Khan's Youth


Khabul Khan

Khabul Khan (or Qabul Qan Mongolian: Хабул хаан) was a Mongol Khan and grandfather to Yesugei, and thus great-grandfather to Genghis Khan. Qabul khan successfully repelled the invasions of Jin Dynasty. During a treaty, Qabul is reported to have pulled the beard of the Jin Emperor. Though Qabul khan had 7 sons, he nominated Ambaghai, a son of Sengun Bilge from Taichuud clan, as his successor


Yesugei Baghatur (Mongolian: Есүхэй баатар) (Yesügei, Yesükhei), literally meaning Yesugei Warrior in the Mongolian language was Genghis Khan's father. Yesügei was the son of Bartan-Baghatur, who was the son of Qabul Khan, who was recognized as a Khagan by the Jin Dynasty. Qabul Khagan was, in turn, the grandson of the Mongol chief Qaidu, the first to try to unite all of the Mongols.
Yesugei was chief of the Kiyad clan. He had four sons and one daughter by his chief wife, Hoelun: Temüjin (son, later known as Genghis Khan), Khasar (son), Khajiun (son), Temüge (son), and Temulin (daughter). He also had two sons by a lesser wife: Bekhter and Belgutei. Temujin killed Bekhter in a fight for food, but Belgutei was a good friend of him, and became a general when Temujin became Genghis Khan. When Temüjin was nine years old, Yesügei died. We don't know for sure how he died, but most people believe he was poisoned by Tatars while sharing a meal on the way home from finding his son, (Genghis Khan/Temüjin), a wife.
Yesugei's wife was Hoelun (Oelun, Ho’elun, Oyelun), a daughter of the Olkhunut forest tribe. Hoelun had been abducted by Yesugei and his brothers from her newlywed husband of the Merkit tribe as she and her husband were traveling back to the Merkit camp. Yesugei then made Hoelun his chief wife, an honor since only one of his wives could bear his heirs.
Yesughei had also a bloodbrother (Anda), Thoghrul. Toghrul helped Temujin conquer the tribes, because Temujin had the same blood as Yesugei, thus the same blood as Toghrul.

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